Abandoned Prosperity

America, for all its supposed wealth and prosperity, has many abandoned places. From natural disasters, to foreclosures, to budget cuts, to rebuilding; I've seen quite a few in my short life-time. All across this vast country people are homeless, when there are many buildings and places that could be "repurposed" to house them. This blog is all about the places I've lived and explored, over the past 50 years. It also involves other things of interest to me, which will become apparent as I continue along. Most places and events I can only remember and have no photographs of them. Currently, I'm active in exploring the current state I live in, Tennessee, when time permits me to do so. Follow along in my foot-steps as I clambour over and sometimes into the abandoned debris of our society...from junkyards to cellars to my own mind.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Abandon Your Mind To The Game

I still write with pen and paper, as far as an original layout goes. The use of a computer for the re-write and final version(s) comes later on. Do kids still use pen and paper in school? Do they actually look things up in an actual book? Probably not.

 When I'm not out exploring abandoned places (which with the advent of caring for an aged parent, limits my time), I write and/or draw. My writings are varied and I pull no punches on the subject at hand. Case in point, is this old poem I penned back in 2012. I'm not a "gamer" unless a pinball machine is in the mix...or maybe an old Atari game or two. And I don't use or possess a "smart phone". I have no need for one. The poem below centres on the majority of to-day's children as they grow up in an ever-increasing world of technology and electronic short-cuts. Now-a-days you don't even have to push a button. Sad.

 The poem may seem a bit dated given the rapid way "smart phone" tech has increased since I wrote this. But at least now, some of the kids, and yes, even adults, are getting a slight work-out as they walk round whilst staring at a tiny screen...playing the latest offering on their FaceBook page. Unfortunately, their attention span does not seem to include their immediate surroundings. Is it no wonder the state of New Jersey can issue you a ticket for "texting" or even conversing on a cell-phone, whilst walking in a crosswalk?


You sit there like the lump you are, 
As you stare into the void. 
Your mind closed off to what surrounds, 
You cannot be annoyed. 

Endless hours of pressing buttons, 
Your fingers are cramped and numb. 
The addiction spawned by the Techno Wizard, 
As he preys upon the dumb. 

With each level your appetite grows, 
You cannot look away. 
The images flash before your eyes, 
Inviting you more to play. 

It’s not your fault you’re just a tool, 
Willing to play the game. 
You’re now a slave to an electronic trap, 
And society is to blame. 

 T. Slater~28 January, 2012

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