Abandoned Prosperity

America, for all its supposed wealth and prosperity, has many abandoned places. From natural disasters, to foreclosures, to budget cuts, to rebuilding; I've seen quite a few in my short life-time. All across this vast country people are homeless, when there are many buildings and places that could be "repurposed" to house them. This blog is all about the places I've lived and explored, over the past 50 years. It also involves other things of interest to me, which will become apparent as I continue along. Most places and events I can only remember and have no photographs of them. Currently, I'm active in exploring the current state I live in, Tennessee, when time permits me to do so. Follow along in my foot-steps as I clambour over and sometimes into the abandoned debris of our society...from junkyards to cellars to my own mind.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Former Glory Gone

Somewhere in Central Oxford, MA., there used to stand a rather rundown house. I'd pass by it often enough when folks actually lived there. I'm sure the old place must've been pretty grand in its day but, it fell into disrepair over the last couple of decades. I actually remember going up to the side door and inquiring about a vehicle for sale (I didn't buy it...) I had chance to glance into the kitchen the door was off of and it looked like it hadn't been updated since the '60's or '70's. Then, earlier this year, I passed by and noticed that there were no longer any vehicles in the driveway. The remaining tenants had moved on. A couple months later I had camera at the ready and got of a few snaps of the decaying building. Glad I did, for when I passed by a week later, the place was being razed. I never got the chance to explore the interior but...maybe that was a good thing. The lot now remains empty (except for the occasional "speed trap" set-up, heh...) Sometimes it's easier (and cheaper) to tear down an older place and rebuild, than to try to rehab it. This looked like one of those times.