Abandoned Prosperity

America, for all its supposed wealth and prosperity, has many abandoned places. From natural disasters, to foreclosures, to budget cuts, to rebuilding; I've seen quite a few in my short life-time. All across this vast country people are homeless, when there are many buildings and places that could be "repurposed" to house them. This blog is all about the places I've lived and explored, over the past 50 years. It also involves other things of interest to me, which will become apparent as I continue along. Most places and events I can only remember and have no photographs of them. Currently, I'm active in exploring the current state I live in, Tennessee, when time permits me to do so. Follow along in my foot-steps as I clambour over and sometimes into the abandoned debris of our society...from junkyards to cellars to my own mind.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Have you ever been out for a walk and come across an abandoned article? Of course you have. It could've been an old shoe, a beer bottle, mattress, or even a pile of construction debris. Or a bicycle. What do you do when seeing it? Do you wonder how it got there? I bet some of you do. Take the bike below...who did it once belong to? How did it get into the flood-controlle canal? Who put it there and when? How long has it been in the water? Was it stolen and later ditched there? Or was it a piece of scrap that just happened to bounce off a truck as it went over the bridge? Who knows? Who cares? To some, it's just another chunk of our "disposable technology". It won't be missed.

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